Knife Grinding

Western Timber has grindermen in both the Council and Weiser production facilities. We grind all our knife stock. We run WWPA Standard Patterns and match custom profiles.

Moulder Heads Grinder Moulder Heads
Sorting & Grading

Western Timber graders are certified by TPI. Certificates under WCLB and WWPA rules include Structural Light Framing, Joists and Planks, Stress Rated Boards, Studs, and Commons.

PET Infeed
Planing and Moulding

Western Timber operates five moulders and a 15" Yates A20-10 planer / profiler producing strips (1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x2) and WWPA patterns, as well as, custom patterns.

Moulder Output Moulder Side Head

With modified resaws, Western Timber manufactures fresh text & rough text products ranging from 1/4 - 12 inches thick up to 12 inches wide from 0 to 45 degree cut.

Circle Saw

Rustic finishes are produced on our 36 in circular resaw. This finish can be applied to virtually any standard pattern as well as our Teton profiles.

Wavey Edge

Western Timber manufactures single and double Wavey-Edge Plank, Wavey-Edge Bevel, and Wavey-Edge Rabbited Bevel Siding.

End Matching

Western Timber end matches material 1-2" thick up to 8" wide.


Western Timber has two sanders. A 1st head drum only, 2nd head platen only and a drum platen combo head. With abrasives ranging from 24-150 grit, products with both rustic and fine finishes can be achieved.

Hand Hewning

Rustic finishes are achieved by our hand hewners. Western Timber hand hewns our Teton Patterns, Log Siding, Trim, as well as Flooring and any other WWPA Standard Pattern. Several different styles can be achieved with light to aggressive hewning.


Shavings are available to purchase / contract. Our shavings consist of Ponderosa Pine, Idaho White Pine, Engleman Spruce Lodgepole Pine, Hem Fir, Alpine Fir, Douglas Fir and Larch, and Inland Red Cedar. The moisture content varies from 10-20%. Currently our shavings are being used for OSB & Wood Pellet manufacturing as well as livestock bedding.

Chip Bin